Dr. Debacle

24 Nov

For our post-dinner Thanksgiving entertainment, one of my housemates has long insisted that we watch “Doctor Zhivago“, a three-hour twenty-minute film (2 DVDs) made in1965 about a Russian doctor who experiences hardships with his wife and mistress during the Bolshevik Revolution. Needless to say, this classic tale of Communism doesn’t make anybody’s list of top thanksgiving movies, but I am a reasonable person who is at peace with everyone, so I was happy to oblige (it happens that I did my obliging with some of our like-minded guests playing football and other games).

While we were playing Tekken, Heath, one of our guests watching Dr. Zhivago, came upstairs with a knowing smirk on his face. He told us that they had reached the end of the first DVD only to discover that they were watching the second DVD! They sat through an hour and a half of a movie where they had little-to-no idea of what was going on, and *nobody* realized that it was the second disc until the credits actually started rolling. I can only imagine that everybody’s expectations were so very low initially that when they became paralyzed with boredom because the movie made absolutely no sense, they just assumed that was what it was supposed to feel like. I could not stop laughing for a full five minutes, and for the rest of the night I would burst into spontaneous giggling at the very thought. The most boggling part is that they proceeded to watch the first DVD anyways.

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