The Climb

23 Dec

I’m somewhat of a fair-weather runner…  And when I don’t run, I tend not to do any exercise, so come Spring time I’m usually usually a wad of cookie-dough waiting to be transmuted into some sort of (soft) carved wood.

This winter was not supposed to be any different.  I took the last four weeks off.  The arrival of sub-freezing temperatures is usually accompanied by a busier time of year for me, so the cards are stacked against exercise and it’s usually the first thing to go come December.

But the Northeast has experienced a strangely warm winter thus-far, and “busy-time” just ended.  Now I’m on vacation from work for the holidays, I have nothing to do, and it’s relatively warm out.  So today, I went for a run.  It was just 1.5 miles proceeded by some light calisthenics, but that was sufficient to wear me out.  Half a mile into the run I was breathing hard, my muscles were all prickly from the unfamiliar increase in blood flow, and my motivation was back in bed dreaming of not-running.

I always wonder why I feel like I get out of shape so fast.  It takes months for the thought of a 4 mile run to stop making me cringe, but I can regain that trepidation in a matter of weeks.

In any case, if this warm weather persists I’m hoping to get a healthy jump on the Spring season.  In case it does get cold again, I’d be happy to hear anybody’s suggestions for how to stay fit in the cold months.

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Posted by on December 23, 2006 in No Easy Days


One response to “The Climb

  1. zappoman

    December 26, 2006 at 10:26 pm

    My body always complains between 0.5 miles and 1 mile of any and all runs I do. I don’t know why. My theory is, that is right about about when my legs realize I’m actually not “just taking the garbage out” or some other menial task I might have for them. They try to protest…

    I can sometimes hear them “let’s go back home, we don’t want to run today”… they have very whiny voices, my legs do.

    Apparently they don’t mind riding my bike. I’ve never heard them complain about that. They also don’t seem to complain if I run *after* riding my bike. Maybe they’ve been hypnotized and they just don’t notice I’m running until it’s too late.


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