Immunity Immunity

10 Apr

I have to clear the air about my recent claim that I don’t get sick for more than 24 hours.  Some of my colleagues have been giving me flack about this post, and considering that I did come down with a headcold last week, a clarification is probably in order. 

I do get sick (obviously), and my claim that I haven’t been sick for more than 24 hours in 2 years has alot to do with what your definition of “sick” is.  Now, I’m not trying to play games with semantics here.  Rather, I have a long history of being bedridden with nasty sinus and broncial infections for periods of up to 2 weeks, even for “simple” infections.  Given that history, if I do have some infection, but I can still get out of the house and function, I consider that a win.  My claim had less to do with boasting my “incredible” immunity than with proud reflection of the fact that my body seems to handle illness alot better than it used to.

So yes, I do get sick.  And yes, that dried out “under the weather” feeling does last more than one day.  I do maintain, however, that I have gotten pretty good to keeping that bedridden, miserable, can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t speak, wish-I-were-dead phase to one-day or less.

Stay healthy everyone.

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