25 May

I’m in Chi-Town visiting my mother.  Yesterday when I entered to condo-building where she lives, the front door attendant had stepped away for a moment so I resigned myself to waiting patiently.  A older gentleman in a tweed suit saw me and asked “Can I help you?”

I was confused, and thought maybe he was the attendant and just wasn’t dressed in the normal uniform.

Cautiously, I responded by gesturing at the front desk and asking, “Oh… I’m sorry, are you working?”

He angrily replied with: “Do I look like I’m working?!  The man who works the desk will be back soon…”

I let the man trail off.  He was clearly distraught that a scruffy-looking guy like me was going to have access to his building (I was wearing my most comfortable torn-up travel clothes at the time).

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Posted by on May 25, 2007 in Garbage In, Garbage Out


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