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I’ve been mostly blog-silent for a while now.  The main reason is that at the end of May I moved to New Mexico to take a temporary research position at a government lab.  New Mexico has been surprisingly entertaining.  It’s a beautiful place.

The Land of Enchantment

The whole state is also pretty high up (~5000-7000 feet), and this makes for a great, low-humidity summer.  I used to think I hated warm weather, but it turns out I just can’t stand humidity!

Now that I’m settled in here I am hoping to pick up blogging again.


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Temp Work is Tough

I know most of you probably don’t watch X-Play, but they had a special Star Wars Celebration episode to celebrate the movie’s 30th anniversary.  One of the sketches they did was about the Emperor in today’s world trying to find temp-work.  I won’t recap the whole thing, but it was prety funny to see Darth Sidious malevolently exclaim “Now witness the POWER of this fully armed and operational doggie fence!!”.

(Sadly I can’t find a clip of this skit online).

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