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Whispered Goodbye

I’m leaving New Mexico today. Last night I walked the quiet streets of my hometown alone enjoying the cool thin air. I moved slowly towards the big dipper on its perch above the mountains. If I could walk like that forever, I would never know sadness again.

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Framing the Question

I find it puzzling when I give a scientific presentation and when I reference some author, someone in the audience asks a question prefaced by “I know that author very well.”

Should I be thinking: “Oh! You know them? I guess I’ll actually pay attention to you now!”

Or maybe: “Normally I would have assumed that you were unqualified to ask me a question, but obviously I misjudged you. If you slip me a copy of your resume after the talk I’ll check whether you are fit to eat lunch with me.”

I’m being facetious here. It’s probably just their way of showing that they really care about the question that they are about to ask.


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So Close to Fame

Earlier this week I stopped by the local coffee shop, and I was approached a man in jean shorts, a rainbow colored button-down shirt, and sunglasses.  He flashed me a winning smile and immediately said:

“Hi – I’m shooting a commercial and I’m looking for a guy and a girl in their twenties to play sort of a boyfriend/girlfriend.  You look too smart for the role, you know what I mean?  But if you know anyone else who might be interested, ask them to leave their name at the counter here.”

I laughed pretty hard as I was walking away.

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