It’s a Game of the Imagination

06 Oct

I took a spontaneous walk to the local comics store with Bads last night. The clerk Owen chatted us up for a while, and at some point the subject of “Magic: The Gathering” came up (I can’t remember how). Bads lit up at this, looked at me, and said “we should play Magic!”. I was caught a bit off guard here. Bads is the only friend I have in town who plays video games regularly, but I had no idea he was into Magic.

Truth be told, I’m not even really into Magic. I took it up for a year in high school, spending around $50 on it in all before I realized that I could not compete with friends who were spending hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars on their card collections. At this point I don’t even know what happened to the cards I bought.

So we went back to Bads’s house, and played four games with his cards. Bads swept me four to zero – it was high school all over again.

And every time I played a spell card, I couldn’t resist the temptation of saying “I cast…. magic missile” in reference to this old Dead Alewives skit (flash version). (Note: the mp3 link at will open in Firefox on my windows computers, but not IE).


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3 responses to “It’s a Game of the Imagination

  1. JasonT

    October 6, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    Okay, I know I was one of those friends who spent more than you like a big jerk. In my defense, though, I didn’t spend as much as some other people. Let’s just say I knew a person who had a foot-thick deck of nothing but Merfolk, Islands, and Unstable Mutations.

    My tip to you: Put together a deck with 4 Circle of Protection: Red, 4 Fireball, 4 Disintegrate, 4 Orcish Artillery, and some Power Surge, Mana Barbs, and Brothers of Fire, if you have them around. Those last ones are Uncommon, the earlier ones are Common. The orcs and the last cards there all do damage to both you and your opponent, so the COP:R is to protect you from yourself—but if your opponent happens to be playing a red deck, so much the better. Not sure how easy they are to come by these days, but Serra Angels and Dragon Whelps provide good flying protection, and then you have no creature with a power over 2 that ever taps, so you can throw in a Meekstone if you want, too.

    Unless, of course, Bads is playing a blue deck with all counterspells and stuff that steals other stuff from you. In that case, just don’t play with him anymore.

  2. halfawake

    October 6, 2007 at 3:30 pm


    To be fair to Bads, after the first three games we traded decks to try and control for the “deck” beating me. I was just getting bad draws (e.g. no land). Also I don’t really remember how to play.

    I do remember that one of the only uncommon cards I ever had was a “Serra Angel”, but like I said those cards are long gone.


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