Terror Alerts, Too

28 May

Things that Do Not Matter:

  • Family, if they Control or Demean you
  • Calories
  • Wasted Time, if you choose to waste it
  • Nouns, in the absence of verbs
  • Haters
  • Those who Mind
  • False dichotomies
  • The price of Gasoline
  • (Constant) Happiness
  • Impact Factor
  • Bay leaves
  • Deadlines, especially those related to the “HURRY UP, so we can wait” phenomenon
  • Your khakis
  • Having Everyone agree with You
  • Gossip for its own sake
  • Your Gamerscore
  • Ubercharges, if you’re an Engy
  • Antibiotics, if you have a Viral Infection
  • Squeaky wheels
  • Size
  • That thing you said that one time
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • American Idol
  • Those who Judge you in a non-judicial envrionment
  • The Number of your Publications
  • Passive Aggression (thanks to Sara for the suggestion)
  • Worrying about what Matters

Add, or subtract, as you see fit. See also, Things that Matter.

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Posted by on May 28, 2008 in Garbage In, Garbage Out


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