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Half Awake is a blog about the choices we (read as “I”) make, and why we (“I”) make them.

An Explanation of Categories:

AlchemyAlchemy means different things to different people, but for me it represents science and all its fallibilities. Posts in this category usually have to do with some kind of science, though not necessarily with my own scientific endeavours.

(Enter)Tainment– When I started Halfawake, I had a category called ‘Tainment’, which was just short for ‘Entertainment’. I think I made this alteration out of some irrational desire not to conform, but in retrospect my other categories already have enough of that.

Garbage In, Garbage Out – Also known as GIGO, this was originally a term from the computer science field, but I have come to understand it to apply to people too. It’s akin to the saying “you are what you eat”, but it could also be extended to the idea that “you are what you think.” Posts in this category are usually related to my thoughts, and things I do to motivate myself or change my world view.

No Easy Days – I once had the pleasure of speaking at length with a great runner, and when I told him that my running philosophy was to “take the hard days hard, and the easy days easy”, he added the corollary that “there are no easy days” (in truth he attributed that statement to another great runner). I don’t know if that sort of attitude is realistically applicable for mediocre runners like me, but I’ve come to associate “no easy days” with physical suffering for self-improvement. Posts in this category have to do with exercise, sports, and injuries (whether or not they are sports related).

Photos – I’m of two minds when it comes to photography. Taking photos is fun, but sometimes I’d rather just look at a thing of beauty with my eyes than through a camera.


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