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Introducing Benedict’s!

The Intro to Culinary Arts course I’m in has a final lab practical, where me and a group of three other “chefs” have to prepare a six course meal for the teaching staff. As part of that exam, we’re expected to provide a dinner menu “like what you would get in a restaurant.”

Somehow my menu planning got out of control, and I decided to not only name our restaurant when making the menu, but also to do up a Benedict’s website, complete with company history and restaurant recipes. This is all really ridiculous, because it’s quite likely that the teaching staff won’t even see the URL on the menu.

It’s pretty good so far, but I’d really welcome suggestions. In particular:

  • What do you think of the menu descriptions? I’d love to hear some over-the-top humorous suggestions, particularly if they fall into our theme.
  • Is the theme clear?
  • We need a logo. Any ideas?
  • Any suggestions for news posts I could put on the “home” page?
  • The Recipes are still in progress.
  • Any other ideas are welcome!

My practical is this Wednesday at 5:00 PM.


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Just a Taste

I’ve been taking a 14 week Intro to Culinary Arts class for fun, and it’s been… delicious. So far, I’ve consistently forgotten to bring my camera in to record the finished products every week, but I couldn’t resist snapping a cell-phone shot of the braised lamb shanks we made recently.

They *really* look like legs before you cook them.

Our side dishes that night: Whipped potatoes with rutabaga, and French-style peas.

Other main courses served that night: Vegetarian Chili, Braised Moroccan-Style Chicken, Ragu Blognese, Osso Buco, Choucroute, Duck, Oyster & Artichoke Gumbo, Cioppino.


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