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I Control Worlds

My offhand comment about the Dead Alewives “Dungeons and Dragons” skit reminded me of the second Dead Alewives D&D skit. Googling around for it revealed “Dungeon and Dragons: Trials of Devotion“. This live-action reenactment of the second skit drags on for a bit in the introduction, but the actors have the script down near perfectly. Being able to watch the DM (“Grahm”) blow up at the players (rather than just listening to it) gives a great new perspective on an old meme. The full video is linked below.

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It’s a Game of the Imagination

I took a spontaneous walk to the local comics store with Bads last night. The clerk Owen chatted us up for a while, and at some point the subject of “Magic: The Gathering” came up (I can’t remember how). Bads lit up at this, looked at me, and said “we should play Magic!”. I was caught a bit off guard here. Bads is the only friend I have in town who plays video games regularly, but I had no idea he was into Magic.

Truth be told, I’m not even really into Magic. I took it up for a year in high school, spending around $50 on it in all before I realized that I could not compete with friends who were spending hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars on their card collections. At this point I don’t even know what happened to the cards I bought.

So we went back to Bads’s house, and played four games with his cards. Bads swept me four to zero – it was high school all over again.

And every time I played a spell card, I couldn’t resist the temptation of saying “I cast…. magic missile” in reference to this old Dead Alewives skit (flash version). (Note: the mp3 link at will open in Firefox on my windows computers, but not IE).


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