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This American Mystery Hunt

This American Life aired an excellent piece on the MIT Mystery Hunt tonight. They’ll have it up on their archive page for a few weeks, but the free downloadable version will probably only be up for a week. The story about the mystery hunt is act II of a three act show, and starts around minute 32.

Update: I’ve been informed that this is a rebroadcast of a piece they originally aired last year, with a slight update at the end stating who won this year’s hunt (The Evil Midnight Bombers What Bomb at Midnight).

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Puzzle Zero

I went to the MIT Mystery Hunt this weekend to puzzle away with my friends on team Grand Unified Theory of Love. This year’s theme was a murder mystery, and the puzzles were exceptionally difficult. The first puzzle we received, named Puzzle Zero, was handed out in Lobby 7 at noon.

Puzzle Zero

Bads solved this one pretty quickly and it felt like a great start to the hunt. Sadly, just as we were about to follow the solution’s instructions, the puzzle was discredited by the hunt organizers as a prank. The solution was:

<puzzle solution spoiler warning>

Filling in the bars for each number yields a message that reads:

CALL 1-622-848-3780 ASAP

Calling this number on the day of the hunt connected to an answering service inviting MIT students to transfer to Cal Tech.

</puzzle solution spoiler warning>

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