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Neale Donald Walsch put up a nice Thanksgiving post suggesting that we should use this holiday to be thankful for what is going to happen rather than what has happened. I’m a sucker for positive psychology, so I have decided to declare here what I will be thankful for over the next twelve months:

  • My mother’s health (a cancer survivor)
  • My brother’s recovery (a republican)
  • A consistent running schedule over the winter
  • Rockband
  • The foresight to maintain my health, and the resilience to come back quickly when I am sick
  • The Teeth in the Darkness, and the Talons in the Night
  • Two publications in scientific journals
  • Patience with anger, peace with hostility
  • The eloquence to explain my opinions to others, and the self-confidence to agree to disagree
  • Sticktoitivness in all my endeavors (particularly in my research, my running, and my XBOX 360 achievements)
  • The dark nectar
  • A judicious and thoughtful choice of allies
  • Refreshing sleep and quick awakenings
  • My friends and my fathers

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

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