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Please End Smallville

Clark, Kara’s a lot of things…  Reckless, headstrong, possibly psychotic.  But she’s wrong about you.

-Chloe Sullivan, Smallville Season 7 Finale

It’s lines like this that make it 100% baffling that Smallville is headed for it’s eighth season.  “Superman in high school” has become “Superman is unemployed four years out of high school, whines a lot about how things would be better if he had never come to Earth, and spends way too much time running to Metropolis.”  The season finale raises a lot of questions about destiny and whether Kal El is here to save Earth or to destroy it, and it was actually a decent episode overall.  When they do these story lines, you know, the ones related to the actual premise of the show, I don’t mind watching Smallville.  I especially like episodes where they try to tie in Justice League or other D.C. themes.  What makes me dry heave a little here is that I can now plan on watching at least fifteen episodes about “meteor freaks” that basically rehash and recycle episodes from every previous season.



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The Savage Times

This post contains spoilers from Season 7 of Smallville.

I’m almost caught up in Smallville now, and I just got to the episode where Dean Cain guest stars as Curtis Knox, M.D. About two-thirds through the episode, it’s revealed that Knox is an immortal, and has been alive for centuries. Once again I am grateful for the time I spent watching JLTAS, because otherwise I would not have recognized that Knox was a version of Vandal Savage. These random tie-ins with the comic are what keep the show interesting for me now, because it’s otherwise time for the 30-year-old Welling to put on his red tights and end the series.

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I’m Just a Little More Bizarre

This post contains spoilers from the season 6 finale of Smallville.

Smallville’s sixth season is finally over. Some thoughts about the finale:

  1. Why won’t they kill this show?
  2. My obsession with watching every episode of JLTAS earlier this year paid off in the last minute of the show when it was revealed (or at least strongly implied) that Clark’s evil twin was Bizarro. (If I had not watched JLTAS, I would not have understood the reference).
  3. Lionel Luthor has switched sides more than my housemate Greg has checked himself out in the reflection of our kitchen window.
  4. Why won’t they kill this show?
  5. Chloe’s new power seems lame. I was hoping she would be Supergirl.
  6. Did the Martian Manhunter actually work for the Kryptonians in the comics?
  7. Has everyone conveniently forgotten that Jor El’s final message to baby Clark in the spaceship that brought him to Earth was “THEY ARE A WEAK RACE, MY SON, RULE THEM WITH STRENGTH!”? I’d really like them to explain that one at some point.

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Tom Welling Weighs in on Politics

I just caught up on my DVR’d “Smallville”. The summary for the most recent episode caught my attention:

Clark discovers his neighbor holding migrant laborers captive and forcing them to work on his farm.

umm.. What? An episode of Smallville that deals with the problems of undocumented aliens? The best part of the episode is when Martha Kent insists on calling the sheriff to report the kid that Clark is harboring, and Clark pleads with her to wait since technically he’s an “illegal immigrant” as well.

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