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Weather Warning

Local Weather Server Crashing

Caught on my phone on the local weather station over the weekend.  I think it has to do with lake effect snow.


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I Don’t Think They Saw Jurassic Park

I think I know what I want for Christmas

Subtitle reads “A Fusion of Technology and Personality”.

I finally know what I want for Christmas.

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The Brumal Meme

Doing my part to spread the Brumal meme.  Sadly I only had my cell phone camera.

The rules:
Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture.


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Just a Taste

I’ve been taking a 14 week Intro to Culinary Arts class for fun, and it’s been… delicious. So far, I’ve consistently forgotten to bring my camera in to record the finished products every week, but I couldn’t resist snapping a cell-phone shot of the braised lamb shanks we made recently.

They *really* look like legs before you cook them.

Our side dishes that night: Whipped potatoes with rutabaga, and French-style peas.

Other main courses served that night: Vegetarian Chili, Braised Moroccan-Style Chicken, Ragu Blognese, Osso Buco, Choucroute, Duck, Oyster & Artichoke Gumbo, Cioppino.


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Bill Nye Photos

Here are a couple of the photos from the breakfast I mentioned.



More recently, our class had a media training workshop where we practiced constructing clear messages, using sound bites, and performing camera interviews. It’s sort of terrifying to be on camera speaking as an ‘expert’ about something that in reality you don’t feel that confident about.

We watched a number of examples of good and bad interviews. One excellent example of what not to do came from an interview of Bob Dole by Katie Couric during the 1996 presidential election (sorry, I can’t find a video of it). Dole was downright combative rather than focusing on the issues that were important to him. But it’s tough. I’d probably blow up at a reporter who accused me of anything, too.

I think I could do a good job as the journalist too, though. I like asking questions and being critical of the responses (in a constructive way, of course). I like listening. Maybe there’s a career in sci-comm or policy for me after all.


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New Housemate

My Weighted Companion Cube moved in last week. After showing it around town we took some photos together. Here, it’s debating whether or not to go sledding in the last snowfall of the year (fingers crossed!).

Weighted Companion Cube playing in the snow.

Sadly, in the end, it chickened out. We went to my office for a bit, and it decided to read while I was getting my work done. It seems to have a huge interest in momentum, heat, and mass transfer. For some reason, it keeps asking me about conservation of momentum.

Weighted Companion Cube, reading Welty, Wicks, and Wilson.

I tried to explain the Cauchy momentum equation, but it’s been sooo long since I thought about that stuff. We did have a productive convo about the most efficient way to cool high-powered Disk Operating Systems running Genetic algorithms.

Later, I caught Weighted Companion Cube playing Portal.

My Weighted Companion Cube, euthanizing itself.

I think it’s about to euthanize itself. This is so meta.


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The Uncle of All Bombs

TNT is SexyTNT is Sexy

Lower cover text reads: “Sex is the the most lethal weapon”

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One Tat To Rule Them All

LOTR Tatoo

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Out to Dry

Out to Dry

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A Classic Holiday Tale

A Classic Holiday Tale

It reminds me of all things Christmas.

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This looks like a nice place to grow up.

This looks like a nice place to grow up.

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If Your Eyes Are Exposed to Pacman…

If Your Eyes Are Exposed to Pacman…

… then proceed to the nearest suitable source of water for irrigation.

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Future Corporate Tools

Future Corporate Tools 

Photo opportunity noticed by O’Foghlú.

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Please Use a Condom

Please Use a Condom

Fox wears a ribbon for World AIDS Day.

Support World AIDS Day

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A golden pothos plant turned calico, probably from lack of nutrition.

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